Melbourne's Best Fitness Conference

Learn from the best evidence-based  coaches in the business over two jam-packed days.

What you will learn
If you’re looking to become the best in your field or improve your protocols as an athlete, then this is the event for you. Coaches, athletes & strength enthusiasts will walk away with far more than just information about implementing a flexible dieting and the secrets of contest prep.
This not to be missed conference will be split over two days with Day 1 featuring bodybuilding, powerlifting, training and nutrition presentation sessions from all five 3DMJ members.
Who is 3DMJ?

3DMJ are world leaders in strength and physique coaching for the natural lifting community. Providing a science based approach to training and nutrition strategies, personal experiences and mental perspectives for athletes, the 3DMJ team have proven time and time again why they are the best in the business. 

Who is JPS Health & Fitness?

JPS Health & Fitness are Australia’s elite evidence-based personal training company with two state of the art locations in Airport West & Port Melbourne.

JPS are more than just ‘personal trainers’ and are leading the way in the application of science to individuals wanting to improve their strength, physique and lifestyle. The coaching staff at JPS aim to educate and motivate their clients and bridge the gap between the science and it’s application to training and nutritional practices. Results, not gimmicks.





Our Speakers

Meet the entire 3DMJ team

Andrea Valdez

Andrea Valdez has been an athlete her entire life. As a former competitive gymnast and long-time coach in the sport, she developed a discipline and respect for the powers that strong minds and bodies can achieve. This led her to continued success in competitive cheerleading and bodybuilding throughout her journey in higher level education.

    Jeff Alberts

    Jeff entered his first competition in 1993 and over the span of 3 decades he’s competed in numerous shows. His track record speaks for itself winning 2 pro cards, 16 class titles, 26 top 3 finishes, and winning the 2014 IFPA Pro International.

      Brad Loomis

      Coach Brad Loomis first stepped on the competitive bodybuilding stage in 2003. Earning his Pro status in 2008 at the INBF Washington State Naturals, Brad has since competed as a Pro in the PNBA, IFPA and WNBF organizations. Brad also began competing in raw Powerlifting in 2010 achieving a measure of success in both the 165 lb and 181 lb weight classes and earning the Bronze Medal in the 74kg Master 1 class at the 2015 USAPL Raw Nationals.

        Eric Helms

        Eric is a coach, athlete, author, and educator. A trainer since the early 2000’s, he’s worked in the US Air force, commercial gyms, private training studios, medical fitness and strength and conditioning facilities. As a part of 3DMJ he coaches drug free strength and physique competitors at all levels. Eric has competed since the mid 2000’s in natural bodybuilding, unequipped powerlifting and recently in Olympic lifting. He earned pro status as a natural bodybuilder with the PNBA in 2011 and competes with the IPF at international level events as an unequipped powerlifter.

          Alberto Nunez

          He first stepped on a competitive stage in 2007, and then the very next year he earned his pro status in virtually every major natural organization. While Alberto Nunez is relatively new to the sport of competitive bodybuilding he has played a vital role in promoting the natural movement. His contributions as a coach, athlete, and an author have helped propel some of the growth the sport has seen over the last decade.

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            Implementing Flexible Dieting

            Flexible dieting is something we talk about, believe to be a "good thing" but don't fully understand. What defines flexible dieting? How do you implement flexible dieting? Is eating a specific amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat a flexible diet? Is "If It Fits Your Macros" potentially as rigid and inflexible as a strict meal plan? These questions will be answered in Coach Eric Helms' presentation along with how to implement practical approaches for integrating flexible dieting into your nutritional plan.

            Eric Helms

            To be successful as a competitive physique athlete it requires a solid game plan consisting of protocols based on evidence based practice. However, that is only part of the equation; even more important is the athlete’s ability to execute while facing a plethora of stressors that are common during contest preparation. How an athlete recognizes, understands and overcomes stress plays a huge role in the final product. Coach Jeff Alberts will discuss common contest prep stressors, how he’s handled them in his own prep as well as with his client’s preps in order to deliver the best possible physiques to the stage.

            Jeff Alberts

            Progression is always the goal in weight training. That is difficult to accomplish during the rigors of bodybuilding contest prep. Customizing periodization to the individual is the key in order to ensure recovery and Coach Brad Loomis discusses these topics using case studies to show that progress during contest prep may not be as impossible as it seems.

            Brad Loomis

            Periodization is a buzzword in today's strength training community and bodybuilders are finally taking a planned approach to their resistance training programs. Perhaps it's time similar methods are employed to our mass gaining cycles and fat loss cycles. Currently, there is a disconnect between these periods in a bodybuilder's training. In this presentation Coach Alberto Nunez takes a closer look at what we should be doing during these training cycles and how to make better use of the time within them.


            As people who have chosen to participate in a sport based on appearance, physique athletes open themselves up to a unique set of psychological challenges. Few are recognized, and many more are hidden or unidentified. Coach Andrea Valdez will examine the mental and emotional nuances specific to this population and share strategies on how to accept, embrace, and utilize them to our advantage.


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            DAY 1

            The Glasshouse

            Olympic Boulevard, Olympic Park

            Melbourne, Victoria 3004

            DAY 2

            JPS Health & Fitness

            223 Rouse Street

            Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207